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Here you will find information about the products of InSky Gmbh, with which you can realize the solutions.

The products are divided into two sub-areas.

The basic products are your entry into the various solutions of inSky and a prerequisite for any further use. They are server configurations and client configurations. The combination of both then enables the transaction-dependent processing of your data and the use of the inSky services. For the meaningful use of the services you need at least one server and one client.

By transactions we mean the processing of data and use of the results. All processing takes place in the form of workflows. Billing is based on the individual workflow steps used. This ensures that the costs are in proportion to your requirements.

The product 'Active Server' is the server process that is available to you individually and exclusively.

The 'Active Client' product is any component that communicates with the server and has its own configuration.

The product 'Workflow Step' is a transaction-dependent product that is created through the use of the inSky Services.

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