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ETL concept


ETL concept

The system consists of three main components

inSky is a cloud-based service that unifies data from multiple, possibly differently structured, data sources into a single target and then brings them together with assets from manufacturing or other areas.

We see ourselves as a solution provider for the areas of automation, data acquisition, data output.

our advantage

Component 2

Almost any network-compatible component can be used as a client. As soon as a component is able to communicate with a partner, it can be integrated into the inSky structure. We can react flexibly to a wide variety of protocols, data formats and data content and forward them for further processing.

our advantage

3rd component

Almost all data that is available in structured form can serve as data sources. As a rule, this will be relational databases, but formats such as Excel or csv are no obstacle.

inSky GmbH

inSky GmbH - ERP Data and Machine Cloud, Networking, Automation, Industry 4.0, Siemens PLC, SaaS.

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